Model Name: Leila
Play this video of FTV Girls Leila
Hi, I'm from Anaheim, CA, and I decided to shoot for FTV because I'm now 18 years old and legal to do it. I wanted to make some money knowing well that I have the body guys like to see but I'm only going to do softcore shoots. I didn't even know I was supposed to do videos today so it was a bit intimidating for me. After doing this FTV shoot I'm going to do test shoots for Penthouse and then the photographer set me up with an agency in Los Angeles to get more work.
Model Name: Melanie
Play this video of FTV Girls Melanie
Hallo, thank you for watching me. I'm doing this porn modeling for 8 months and I want to be done doing it 12 months and go to school. My family knows and they don't like it and were mad at me to bring my friend Valerie to do it too. We both know what we are doing and the money I make will help me for college. I'm 19 and when I turn 20 I will start school and want to go into fashion design & marketing. I moved from Colombia, Medellin to USA when I was 5 but speak more spanish than english.
Model Name: Corinne
Play this video of FTV Girls Corinne
My job is what some people call being a boothbabe/go-go dancer at car shows. Mostly stuff like hot import nights where I'm posing with tuner cars etc... I was so excited when I got picked up in a Nissan Skyline! That car is always the talk of the show and I've never been in one. So a little about me. I'm half filipina and half white but usually I tell people I'm full filipina. I have large pretty eyes, and guys tend to dwell on my butt.
Model Name: Nina
Play this video of FTV Girls Nina
Hey u guys well here I am! Am I hot or what?? Ok I'm not trying to be egotistical just trying to figure out what to tell you about myself! Sara is the one who told me about ftv and I wanted to try it too. I'm friends both with Sara and Rilee but I'm much closer to Sara. They're all about their boyfriends but I don't have one. I don't need one, and I'd rather be free of guys and choose who I want to be with and how long I want to be with them. I'm too young to settle down, do u know what I mean?
Model Name: Lena
Play this video of FTV Girls Lena
Hey guys, welcome me back! We've been planning this shoot for a few months now. In fact, I was going to come a month ago but crazy as it sounds, I masturbated so hard the night before that my vagina was feeling too sore the next day. Yeah, I mean masturbate, not sex. I get into these long masturbation binges once in a while where I won't stop for hours. Lately I do it in front of the mirror and I even recorded a few with my cell phone. Its hot and I requested that Rob try shooting me that way.
Model Name: Sophia
Play this video of FTV Girls Sophia
When i'm at home i like to go to the gym, i love reading i cant get to sleep at night without reading my book at the moment im reading true blood which is the 4th book in the twilight serious. i have a secret fantasy (well i guess it isnt a fantasy anymore) but since its you i'll tell you all :) i have a secret fantasy about vampires very sad i know, ever since i was little ive always wanted to be a vampire...
Model Name: Sabrina
Play this video of FTV Girls Sabrina
You know, this shoot almost didn't happen! Since I live in Sacramento, I have to fly down to Phoenix to do the shoot. First time it ended up coinciding with my mom's birthday (and my family isn't too keen on my nude modeling) so it didn't happen. Then there was some conflict in my school & work schedule (I work and go to school study Psychology). Finally we got it worked out about four months later, and here I am! I'm very picky about who I model with, and I haven't had any bad experiences.
Model Name: Jayden
Play this video of FTV Girls Jayden
After her 2nd orgasm, she was more smiley and less 'rigid', and most of her conversation seemed to come up off camera. So every time (ie the toys, the car ride, the lunch break) I would ask her to repeat what she was saying off camera. By the time she started flashing around the restaurant row area, she was more full of smiles, and a natural grace.
Model Name: Gracie
Play this video of FTV Girls Gracie
People always ask me, how did I end up in porn? I come from a good family, I've never been into drugs, never been molested, or any other theories that come with an 18 year old coming into porn. I have a successful family that is still happily married, and for a while in the early 2000's very wealthy too. I'm just VERY sexual, and the more I do it, the more I enjoy it. Even if I've had sex that day...
Model Name: Pamela
Play this video of FTV Girls Pamela
Its so true... I love toying with myself in the car. This is my husbands' truck, and he was nervous about me driving & masturbating but I have a nissan altima that is so easy to drive. When I'm stuck in traffic (I have to commute about 45 mins for school) I'll rub my clit or even take out my bullet and vibrate myself as I go. I've had many orgasms that way!
Model Name: Melina
Play this video of FTV Girls Melina
Its really a liberating experience doing what I did this day. Sure, the money is a total bonus and it will help pay for my trip to Oahu in January but this is something I really wanted to do before I get older. I'm in my best shape ever, and even my boyfriend encouraged me to try. I'm nineteen, and in my second year of college. I graduated with a 4.2 in high school, and I'm in pre-med right now. If things go right for me...
Model Name: Jasmine
Play this video of FTV Girls Jasmine
You know, I'm typing this as I'm waiting at the airport to go back to California. I'd say that the people in Arizona are so conservative and rude! I've never understood why the US is so fucked up with someone going topless as if its the worst thing ever! The rest of the world can't be this screwed up. Sex is natural, sex is a part of life. I've been enjoying sex for 4 years and I've noticed that people who don't have sex are always grumpy & pissed off at people.
Model Name: Courtney
Play this video of FTV Girls Courtney
I can't see myself shaking in the video but I was! Its not every day that you get naked in front of a stranger within 5 minutes of meeting them! The video guy was a cool cat and I got comfortable with him after that first part. You know, flying down alone to the other side of the country, you don't know what to expect! I had researched Ftv Girls pretty well to see that it was professional and I would be treated right...
Model Name: Rilee and Sara
Play this video of FTV Girls Rilee and Sara
We have some real life friends here on FTV Girls this week and one of them you will remember its Rilee! Here is what Sara had to say about shooting with FTV Girls. "Best Friends For Life! I love rilee very much even though that isnt her real name. my name isn't sara either but we decided to take these names because they happen to be girls names that we dont like. not that they would know if ever, because if our high school enemies found out they would be all over it on myspace & facebook."
Model Name: Julia
Play this video of FTV Girls Julia
FTV Girls went over seas to get the beautiful Julia for us here is a little of what she has to say. "Where to start! I've come a long way to America, to shoot for a few websites I chose that were classy and had the work I was looking for. I'm from the UK, though only for a year. I'm Swedish really, from a small town near Malmo and so if you're wondering about my accent, its a mix of Swedish and British."
Model Name: Rilee
Play this video of FTV Girls Rilee
FTV Girls Rilee comments about her shoot. "I did a lot of first time things at this shoot. I rode a ten inch dildo that was very thick. It felt very good but left me sore. I have never had anything that big in me before. Also, I have never done anything anal before. I tried that today with a vibrator in my vagina at the same time!! That was a different experience! But it was great. A lot of the pictures that were taken are very fun and sexy but classy."
Model Name: Amelia
Play this video of FTV Girls Amelia
FTV Girls Amelia comments about her shoot. "I am 20 years old and originally from Hawaii. I grew up in a strict Mormon family with three brothers. My dad was in the Air Force, and therefore while growing up I traveled and lived around the world in places including California, Colorado, Guam and now Phoenix. I recently graduated with my bachelor's degree in psychology from Brigham Young University in Utah."
Model Name: Holly
Play this video of FTV Girls Holly
Holly is barely 18 years old and is full of life! Donít let her youth fool you, she can be a fun sexual creature ready to explode! Holly tried out the FTV 10 inch dong, her eyes popped out of her head saying it was too big, but then she was up for the challenge and got up on the kitchen counter and called it the Bobble Penis. She is so funny.
Model Name: Audrey
Play this video of FTV Girls Audrey
Hey guys! My name is Audrey, I'm 19 and live in the beautiful state of Colorado! Specifically, I live in Denver where my sexy roommate Kelli and I go downtown by evening, and by night are in one of each others bedrooms cuddling naked or sometimes more! I love snowboarding, figure skating, tennis and of course partying! I'm a college student studying broadcasting and journalism.
Model Name: Victoria
Play this video of FTV Girls Victoria
Oh wow, I was so nervous at the start! Face it, I've never gotten naked in front of a stranger before, and definitely never outside! My high school friend, who is a member of the site was the one who encouraged me, no, begged me to shoot nudes for the site. First I was like no way, and my boyfriend wouldn't let me, but I've broken up with him now, so I'm more willing to try it. Then I saw its not just pretty naked photos but masturbating as well!
Model Name: Lilith
Play this video of FTV Girls Lilith
Well, what do you say? I say the bigger the better.... but before we get into that I will tell you a little about the real life Lilith. Contrary to popular believe I am not the goddess of the underworld (for all you mythology buffs!) but just a normal girl with a little bit less than normal life. I grew up in a small town for my early years but then because of my parent's jobs I ended up having the privilege of traveling the country and then the globe.
Model Name: Denise
Play this video of FTV Girls Denise
Hi my name is Denise I am from Denver, Colorado and this was the first video I have ever made. I am not gonna lie at first I was really super nervous and I didn't know what I should do. When I first started I felt a little scared to think that millions will see this one day and that I was supposed to be at church when I was really doing this.
Model Name: Claire
Play this video of FTV Girls Claire
I'm Claire, nineteen years old, five foot nine, half German, half Mexican. The height comes from my German side, my dad. I've been doing modeling since I was little, as my mom was a model too. She's gorgeous, my dad is lucky. I started some fashion work thru fourteen, and when I turned eighteen, I tried out some implied nudes. Lately I've been doing more explicit nude work, and now I'm feeling out the solo masturbation video. I'm very sexual and sensual, but I'll never do hardcore, its just not for me.
Model Name: Brigitte
Play this video of FTV Girls Brigitte
Here is a little something Brigitte had to say about part of her FTV Girls Shoot. "This was definitely an unforgettable experience. Iím not going to lie I was a little timid about the whole masturbation and being naked part at first, but it turned out to be a blast! I am not much of a masturbator I usually just have guys please me instead, but I am so glad I used the pink little rocket because it made me organism like Iíve never before. I cum a lot when guys eat me out but no!"
Model Name: Taylor
Play this video of FTV Girls Taylor
Hi FTV Girls members, its Taylor here, or Taylor Vixen as I'm called on the internet. Recently I changed my hairstyle and hair color to brunette, and it seems to have been picked up on by the photographer at FTV. I had applied before, but got ignored or rejected(?) by one of his recruiters. Now as a brunette, its seems I've got the 'style' they are looking for. The burning question in your mind is probably that 'have I done hardcore?' and no I haven't.
Model Name: Sophie
Play this video of FTV Girls Sophie
FTV Girls got a little lucky because she didn't want to do the bellydancing video, as most girls get shy if they are being videotaped while dancing. But I knew it would be hot, and add a little more spice to the shoot. Quite sexy stuff in my opinion. Thanks to Danielle in encouraging her to do it in the end. Some hard toy play, with multiple positions, and some gaping. Panty stuffing (more like bikini bottom stuffing -- a first time for her) and we move to more lactation.
Model Name: Mallorie
Play this video of FTV Girls Mallorie
FTV Girls did a little lunch interview, which I unfortunately had to cut out somewhat (because I didn't notice a very distinctive road sign in the background -- clip6 outtake). She looked like a skater to me, but that didn't work out on video haha. So go back home... Even this girl who looks so much like a teen, can pass very sexy with that dress & heels. Her shapely butt and nice thighs have to be followed on camera.
Model Name: Stephanie
Play this video of FTV Girls Stephanie
FTV Girls lucked out with this sexy brunette with beautiful green eyes (and the perfect butt) is seen walking through a private resort, while some construction workers take a peek at her. Wearing a sexy dress & heels, she finds a place to relax near a water fountain, and starts playing with herself. Spreading her labia and fingering, we get some hot upskirt views. A black vibrator is nearby, and she masturbates to a nice strong orgasm right in front of the entry gate!
Model Name: Wendy & Devaun
Play this video of FTV Girls Wendy & Devaun
These two local FTV Girls only are also real life lovers, who met at a club a year ago... So its about time we pair them for a girl-girl shoot! We meet them around the nightclub area with several other girls, and watch them get affectionate in public! Making out, then rubbing each other...
Model Name: Kacey
Play this video of FTV Girls Kacey
FTV Girls found this fun, spirited and super cute girl catches our attention with those sexy legs and heels... and that beautiful smile! Walking through an office area, she flashes her nipples and takes her panties off, catching the attention of some temperamental female office workers.
Model Name: Capri
Play this video of FTV Girls Capri
From the moment we spot FTV Girls Capri at the makeup counter at the mall, we know she's totally spontaneous! Flashing her breasts to everyone's suprise, and getting away with a lot more exposure throughout the mall! With security on her tail, its time to go home... and masturbate! She has several strong orgasms, and even squirts a little!
Model Name: Suri
Play this video of FTV Girls Suri
FTV Girls Suri was visiting Spain from Eastern Europe, she's a model who is willing to try new stuff, namely going outdoors and flashing in public! This cute, sexy brunette gives us the 'girl next door' feel... Someone who catches your eye, and makes you wish you could see a little more! She visits several popular locales and gives us upskirt views, and flashes her breasts.
Model Name: Nicole
FTV Girls Nicole Video
We catch this cute teen FTV Girls Nicole walking in a sexy dress & heels, flashing her full, firm breasts at the mall! Soon enough, she's caught by security -- but that doesn't stop her! She finds another busy spot to show off her perfect bubble butt, twisting around to finger herself in front of us. On a stairway nearby, she uses a rather unique vibrator to penetrate herself hard... and gets herself to orgasm in this rather public place.
Model Name: Vicki
FTV Girls Vicki Video
Two years after FTV Girls Vicki rather adventurous visit, we get to see this narcissistic girl return with the desire to do some more modeling and masturbating! The same spontaneity when it comes to her sexuality shows in her videos. Greeting her at the airport she shows off her enthusiasm, and flashes her breasts. Going home, she shows us all the outfits she's brought, then masturbates hard with a large blue vibrator.
Model Name: April
Play this video
When I met April at the airport, I spotted her from behind, and wow, is she small! With legs skinnier than my arms, and looking shorter than 5 feet tall. Turning around, then you notice the gift: The wonderfully full chest! It almost seems like she went for implants, but we know they're natural :) She mentioned that she got them from her grandmother, as her mom is small chested. This half German/Mexican girl mentioned how her only grievance is the tattoo, which she had at...
Model Name: Shana
Play this video
Greeting this hottie at the airport, she makes her way to the car, but not until she's flashed her breasts! Talking about why she's doing this in a candid way, we get to learn a lot about her right away. In a sexy dress, she's out at a busy fashion park, and draws guys' attention to her... posing for the camera, she flashes her breasts and gives us some hot upskirt views. She reminds us of Angelina Jolie...
Model Name: Risi & Renna
Play this video
You want to see girl-girl shoots? Well we want girls who are truly into each other, for another classic FTV girl-girl update. Renna & Risi are good friends who just recently become real-life lovers. Both extremely popular on FTV, and both very gorgeous! We watch them at a busy nightclub trying to get in...
Model Name: Alexa
Play this video
Turned 18 just a month before the shoot, she's had the desire to shoot nudes but had to wait until she was legal! She is supercute, with a petite body and perfect, firm breasts and the ultimate toned curvature. Following her through a mall, we encourage her to flash her breasts. Very shy, as it is her first time, she exposes those perfect naturals, then videotapes herself in the womens' change room at the mall as she gets undressed.
Model Name: Alexa Loren
Play this video
The superhottie Alexa returns, back by popular demand, in another mega, comprehensive update! She's looking better than ever, and she gets even more daring this time. Wearing a hot classy pair of pants and sexy top, she visits a major department store, and flashes her breasts, gets naked all over the furniture! She even sits next to other customers and watches their reaction as her breasts pop out! Trying to play with herself on a bed at the furniture store, she gets caught...
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